Friday, July 16, 2010


  • Is TargetMap completely free?
TM is completely free for all users that share their ReportMaps with all the community. Just make your map and publish it.
Otherwise, if your data is sensible you can keep it for yourself by choosing to be a private user.
  • Which countries/territories are available?
Here you can find all avaliable countries, their map detail and their cp/zip structure
available countries
  • Why are 1st maps reviewed?
All 1st public maps are reviewed because we want all maps in TargetMap library to be useful for everybody. It is not necessary to publish test maps as all features can be tested before publishing.
Also, after your 1st map has been approved, you will be free to publish your ReportMaps without futher reviewing.
  • Why do I have to pay to make private maps?
The aim of TargetMap is to spread knowledge among all users. We would be happy if anyone could use data from TargetMap to improve their own research and to jump to new conclusions. So, if someone wants to create a map for his privat use, he will have to pay a small fee ($195/year or $49/month) to help us maintain the service free for knowledge sharers.
  • I am a private user, is my data secure?

We are very concerned about security issues, so SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is implemented to guarantee the security and privacy of your data.

  • I want to map my own data, what should I do?

You only have to upload your data in an excel file. Just follow these tips to upload your excel and you'll get your own map in a few minutes.

  • Why is not my country in

    Our aim is to have as many countries as possible in our database but sometimes it is impossible to get accurate maps of every country. We will try to add new countries from time to time.

    TargetMap is a collaborative tool, so if you have a map of a country that we do not have or improves one of ours, you can send it to us and we´ll try to implement it in We all will enjoy a better tool if we help each other.

Available Countries

Right now, these are the countries that we have available for you (click on images to enlarge). We will add new ones as often as we can.
If you want us to add a new country and you have an open source map that we can use, we will be pleased to try to implement in TargetMap. This is a tool to share knowledge, so if we all collaborate TargetMap will become a more useful platform.