Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Common issues with Excel files

There are some usual questions that arise when talking about excel files formats and its content before uploading them in TargetMap.
If you follow these guidelines, there is a big chance of getting your excel file shown on Googlemaps without any problem.
  • Data must be in the 1st sheet of your excel file
  • All excels must contain a column with territory names or zip/postal codes. Excels with zip/postal codes create more accurate ReportMaps. From zip/postal codes you can create county, region, province... maps
  • 1rst row of your spreadsheet is used for column titles. Use the 1rst row (A) of your excel file to describe columns.
  • It is better if your zip/postal code column is in text format. If your zip/postal codes column is in number format all codes beggining with a 0 (zero) wil not be detected.
  • Be sure your columns with quantities are in numeric format (or currency). Otherwise TargetMap will not be able to operate with those columns.
If your excel can not be uploaded, it usually is because the excel file contains corrupted cell formats. An easy solution is to copy the spreadsheet cells and paste into a new one (special paste - values)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help - Labels edition

In this video you will learn how to label your maps and edit label properties.

Help - Pinpoint edition

In this video you will learn how to:
  • Select which info you want to show through pinpoints
  • Select which operation to apply
  • Edit pinpoints properties
  • Filter data by pinpoint
  • Add new information

Help - Boundaries edition

In this tutorial video you will learnt how to:
  • Choose map detail
  • Select which info you want show on map
  • Select the appropiate operation to use
  • Edit boundaries properties (color, ranges, texts...)
  • Filter data by territory
  • Add a pinpoint layer with more info

Help - Public ReportMaps

How to search for public reportmaps, open them or use their data to create your own reportmaps

Help - My ReportMaps

How to open/edit your saved ReportMaps or reuse their data to create new ones

Help - Paint Map

How to assign territories by just clicking on them

Help - Value Typing

How to create a map by entering data directly into

Help - My DataDepot (map your own excel file)

How to upload a new excel or reuse a former uploaded one in

Help - Select Country

How to select a territory to create a map in
Includes how to select world or any continent., select