Monday, February 13, 2012

Create Pie Charts in TargetMap!

We are glad to announce that a new feature has been released in TargetMap!

Now you can choose Pie Charts in addition to Pin Points to represent your data!

Upload your Excel file as always and then, in the Map Editor, inside the Pin Points option, you have a new toggle button that let you choose Pie Charts:

Click on Pie Charts and you will see how the options change:

Choose a column to be added to the PieChart. Roll the mouse over a numeric column and you will see a little menu. Click on "Add to the Pie Chart" to add it to the map.

Add as many columns as you want and voilĂ ! You have piecharts in the map showing the percentage of imports and exports for each country.

The bigger the piechart is, the greater the total value of the territory. You can see the added columns inside the legend and the percentage of each column rolling the mouse over each piechart.

Enjoy it in TargetMap!

If you want more detailed information you can see our video tutorial: