Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Australia added!

From now own you can create your own maps of Australia if you have data.
We have uploaded the map of Australia by States and LGAs (Local Government Area)
It is also possible to upload your data by postal codes if you want to make more accurate maps with pinpoints.

Here you can see a map of Australia population by LGA

Monday, November 29, 2010

New (and more appealing) embedding style

We have implemented a more appealing and interactive embed style in case you embed one map in your blog or website.
The new embed includes the title of the map and its legend. Even more, if you click on it, it shows a larger (interactive) image of the map without leaving your blog or website.
Here can you see how it will be shown in your own web pages. Click on the image to have a larger version of the map.
Within the larger map, you can filter data by territories, view the data grid, zoom in and out...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to use TargetMap as a Territory Manager

There are two ways of using TargetMap as a Territory Manager. 

1) The simple way. Just click on territories to assign to a responsible, salesman, a commercial delegation…
It is quite useful if the areas you want to assign are not too many (States in USA, “Departemenents” in France, “Provincias” in Chile…)
You will have your map ready to export into your presentations in minutes

But if you have to deal with a great amount of data and/or you want to create a more detailed map you should work with Excel files.
2) Upload your data in an Excel file. If you upload your data by zip/postal codes you will be able to create very powerful maps.
If you want to assign smaller territories (counties, “municipios”, “comunas”…) or you are working with lots of records this is a better option. For example, you can have an excel with all your customers located by zip/postal codes, which salesman is responsible for each one and their sales.  If you upload this excel you will be able to locate all customers on the map, analyze their sales and see your sales organization all in one map.

Have these videos been useful to you? Add commnets to ask for questions or suggest features.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sign your maps

Let everybody know you are sharing your knowledge with the community!!!
Now, in TargetMap.com, you can sign your maps by uploading a customized image to be inserted in the map legend.
Just go to “MyAccount” and choose your customized image. From that moment, your maps will have that image inserted in their legend.

So, for example, you can upload your organization logo if you want to use your maps in your professional presentations, or upload any customized image you like if you are going to embed your maps in your personal blogs or websites.

Default legend

Customized legends (examples)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge - TargetMap Crew

Friday, November 12, 2010

A little bit of Self-Praise

It has been two weeks since our launch, so let´s make a brief recap about TargetMap reception.

People are talking about us, and what they say is good.

Thanks to everyone who has made the effort to check TargetMap.

Here you’ll find who think TargetMap is worth a look and they own words about TargetMap.

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Our apologies if we have forgotten anyone.

See you in www.targetmap.com