Monday, January 17, 2011

Developing Territory Manager

Territory Manager coming soon: we don’t stop developing new features for TargetMap platform. Soon we will add a powerful “Territory Manager” tool.

You will be able to create your sales structure from scratch or upload your current organization and apply changes online to analyze multiple scenarios. It will also help you to place shops, storages, health facilities…

Reassign territories by clicking on them and TargetMap will show you the new scenario both on the map and in the aggregated grid.

Balancing your sales/distribution zones will help you:
• Improve your customer coverage
• Increase sales
• Reduce travel time.

We will keep you posted.
We will appreciate your comments and suggestions


  1. Excellent. I'm definitely keeping tabs on this one and will use it when available. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Hi Andro!

    You're in luck! Territory Manager is available for some time in trial mode for Not to Share Users and with all the features available for Premium Users. You can give it a try in Not to Share and see if it's worth!

    Thank you!