Monday, September 5, 2011

Get TargetMap Premium for 7 days!

Happy Mapping!

We have reached 10 Million visitors... and we keep evolving!

Targetmap has released a new Territory Manager and we're giving you 7 days Premium use in Targetmap for FREE to celebrate it.

Territory Manager will let you:
- See on the Map how your clients and Sales Reps are distributed
- Align and optimize your sales force potentials by Postal Codes (improving the customer service and saving expenses)
- See and assign your Franchise's coverage area and evaluate their potential.
- Export the Map to your presentations and the final Data to your CRM or Call Center.

Maybe you want to give us a bit of your time and watch this video (it lasts 15 minutes... But there are so many features!)

Click to enlarge

To take advantage of this promo:
  1. Be signed in as a NOT TO SHARE USER
  2. Type the promotional code 10MILL  in My Account
  3. Enjoy 7 days FREE as a Premium user!
We will be glad to receive your suggestions for new features and improvements thru Twitter, this blog or simply sending us an email to crew(at)targetmap(dot)com :)