Monday, March 21, 2011

More than a million visitors in less than a week

The last few days have been crazy.

Last week we published a map about the nuclear crisis in Japan with the information from the Nuclear Safety Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Disaster Prevention Network for Nuclear Environments (
The map is being updated regularly, at least twice per day.

And then, out of nothing, we started getting visitors from everywhere.
A total of 560,000 (so far) from 200 different countries have seen this map.

And people have started creating their own maps and publishing them any place they want.

Our maps have been shown or quoted in:
There have been more than one and a half million visitors in less than a week.
This is exactly why we released TargetMap, to let people share knowledge through maps everywhere in the world. 

Thanks to everyone that has helped spreading the maps and information no matter how (webs, blogs, social media…)

We’ll keep improving TargetMap to make it even a better platform to share your knowledge.

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